The goal is to creatively execute ideas that change the world.

Entrepreneurship has taken offLabs from a startup realm
to sustainable business with clients from Cisco to the VA but has
taken a back seat to the new role I have within Agora’s company.
Though, I still have the privilege of working on new initiatives, startups, and consulting around agile practices wherever I go!


Ideas, Modern, Photo

Business goals are strongest when they have a creative component. Problems are solved when you step back and capture the…


Ideas, Modern, Photo

Individuals have ideas all the time, but executing on these masterful ideas take time. and a lean, creative, resourceful persona.…


Ideas, Modern, Photo

Teams need to have creativity and build on ideas with understanding. Ideation is key when creativity is brought in &…

with Agility

Ideas, Modern, Photo

And we do this with a keen eye on agility through all of the work done so that value is…