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Consulting Inovalon and its subsidiaries around change management, predictability, & agile practices have been a place that has the primary focus. While having this leading the way, offLabs still runs and builds out new initiatives, startups, and products with a team of brilliant folks.


Business goals are strongest when they have a creative component. Problems are solved when you step back and capture the whole picture, while keeping the undertone of creativity key in whatever you tackle.


Individuals have ideas all the time, but executing on these masterful ideas take time. and a lean, creative, resourceful persona. Prioritizing execution in an agile method builds passionate teams that execute.


Teams need to have creativity and build on ideas with understanding. Ideation is key when creativity is brought in & a true understanding of the problem exists. It takes brainstorming and out of the box thinking.


Nathaniel is a natural entrepreneur, with an unmatched talent for inspiring others. Nathaniel's networking and presentation skills go hand and hand with his ability to manage a business team while driving out strategy.
Josh Hibschman
Nathaniel is multi-talented entrepreneur, cinematographer, writer, public speaker, fundraiser and visionary. Every title I just attributed to him is backed up by his own success.
Andrew Neel


Ideation — 100%
Team Building — 85%
Resourcefulness — 90%
Product Development — 75%
Multimedia — 85%
Networking — 95%
Entrepreneurship — 92%

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