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Dreaming big is only as good as the execution behind it. Right now, I am applying that methodology. I am working as a IT Consultant while starting up my own businesses which you can read more about under Projects. So, I encourage you to keep reading!
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ideation to execution
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Interested in Product Development and Business Development Understands Jive, WordPress, Sharepoint, Yammer, and Drupal Aims to be resourceful with his network and R&D Download my most recent resume here

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Bringing to fruition an atmosphere that prospers creativity may not be the easiest exercise in a person’s daily life but it is an ambition for Nathaniel Elliott. His personal undertaking in life is to “creatively – execute – ideas” in everything he does. Elliott brings this atmosphere and resourcefulness to jobs at Carney, Apollo Matrix, Akira, and many other consulting opportunities in IT, Mobile Development, New Technologies, and Innovation. His goal is to apply this not just to his career but his creative documentaries, photography, entrepreneurship, and his life in Bowie, MD. He bridges the gap between many different abilities; unifying around the ideas and goals into one cohesive concept. From an early age of 16, Elliott began his work in business and consulting by starting a non-profit organization called Living Hope in Annapolis. This whole process began by driving a school bus 70,000 miles around America and raising over $120,000 within 70 days to build schools in Africa. He had the niche for finding problems, searching for solutions, and developing them into something powerful. During the college years at Taylor University, he went on from this success and learned the true meaning of what it meant to be an entrepreneur when it came to his other business ideas, some great in theory and failed in existence. Through this process he learned the meaning and power of being resourceful and networking. This process landed him many jobs in the film industry with companies like MTV, PBS, Travel Channel, a few independents films and personal documentaries overseas. Ending with a Bachelor Degree in Media Communication with an emphasis in Documentaries, Elliott was married in 2010 in Lanham, bought a house in Bowie, landed a job at Carney, Inc and uses his film skills, business ventures, and networking lifestyle every spare moment he had. After a three-year timeframe at Carney, Elliott left to go to a startup mobile development / web application house in Dupont Circle called Apollo Matrix to learn ore about entrepreneurship. After that, he took the leap and jumped into the world fully as an entrepreneur and consultant. An ability in design, story telling, business consulting, documentaries, photography, and many other areas, keeps Elliott on his toes learning more about the world of social media, instructional design, agile product development and the goals of having a purposeful life.