Contemplation is Key

Often when it comes to brainstorming, I’ve realized that I don’t contemplate the ideas for a extensive period of time. Simple as that, I don’t sit down and think over a concept after it has come into existence. There are moments on a regular basis that need simple time and contemplation rather then quick decisions.

Normally, I live by a statue of hurry and wait but I am starting to think that in moments of brainstorming and problem solving it revolves around waiting a bit and fully contemplating each idea.

I know for a fact that this is the cause of my father, Dr. Elliott. He has always encouraged me to contemplate specifically my business ideas from Randomly Famous to Living Hope, and now Random Rental.

So to the painless point of this, take time to think and understand. We live rushed lives and yet thinking is the power we control that can be slowed down. And personally, I want to control what I have control over and slow it down to contemplate ideas fully and “creatively – execute – ideas.”

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  1. Here is another factor to consider and it is so true:nnIt’s jst as sure a recipe 4 failure 2 have D rt. idea fifty yrs 2 soon as 5 yrs 2 late. – J. R. Platt n

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