The Etiquette Dinner

Yes, everyone knows that people need to learn some manners at the dinner table but why head to an “Etiquette Dinner” when you can use common sense? At least that was my question. You see, I had to go to an etiquette dinner and surprisingly learned a lot more then I had expected.

Having etiquette at a dinner table isn’t dead and neither is chivalry but it seems that these simple manners are being thrown to the wayside. After I got to dinner, I started to hear the step-by-step instructions on how to eat properly. I realized how much more professional you can look by being smart with how you eat. Plus, the food tasted ten times better since we were told to eat slower and with the pace of everyone else.

Eating properly could land you the next job if it comes down to how you represented yourself. That seemed like a dream to me but after I left I really understood why having manners and eating right looked a step up from the norm. So, here are three things that I will be putting towards my manners, and/or, trying to put towards it to make my appearance more professional.

  • Be patient and wait for others before taking part in the food. As you eat, keep up the patience and stay at the same pace as the others sitting with you.
  • Use your right hand to grab the water, it is always on the right, don’t grab another person’s water, use your own.
  • When you cut your food, cut only a piece at a time to eat. Don’t cut up the ‘chicken’ to be like chicken nuggets, eat it one bite then cut another bite. It helps you take time in eating.

Three things that are common sense but I never would have remembered them in the moment. Hopefully I will remember these things in the next moment of dinner with individuals interested in what I can offer them.

Here’s to the next meeting and hopefully getting a job opportunity. The little things do add up and can influence in large ways. So, go out and network and get an opportunity for yourself to have dinner with a new person and practice the skills. Enjoy the ambiance that a good meal can give in a professional light. Etiquette does matter and it can influence the way people see you.

If you are looking for more basic etiquette –

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