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Google is always willing to make a competition larger than life and is doing so with the action of buying NIK Software. They are competing with Facebook and everyone knows it. Facebook buys Instagram and now Google buys NIK. But the big question is: who will prevail?

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My argument is that Google will win simply because of their great ability to make money. They know how to make money from user generated worlds and make money well. While on the other hand, Facebook is truly trying to figure out their own way of profiting from the massive amount of active users. Facebook aims to get users and I think @henketime puts it well, “FB is so lucky to have users that don’t care about making money.” The only reason they focus on money is because of their statue of being a public company. Money has to be a reality to Facebook now. But, Google has a serious edge on figuring out how to profit from user generated technology!

Technology is forever changing but the world is a competition when it comes to web applications. So, who do you think will win? Do you think Google will last longer in the long run or that Facebook will stay strong? Or, is Facebook the next MySpace?

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  1. They are completely willing to “fail” and try again! Execution, even in failure is a key component!   Here is a quick list of all their failures (and yet I think they are more like successes since they learned from them):
    – Google X
    – Google Catalog
    – Web Accelerator
    – Google Video Player
    – Google Answers
    – Google Wave
    – Wiki Search
    – Google Audio Ads
    – DodgeBall
    – Jaiku
    – Google Notebook
    – Google Page Creator
    – Google Buzz  
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  2. I think alot of people like Instagram…. not that I use it, lol…it is hard to believe that so many would jump ship from Facebook …it would have to take a competitor to do something huge to create that kind of mass exodus thus creating a phantom cyberspace existence for FB….at the same time FB has to somehow keep fresh to keep its peeps…and at the end of the day…it is always the money that wins…just my thoughts…

  3.  @ChristyElliott Completely agree with you… I love Instagram as well and use it daily. But I think you have it right, “it is always the money that wins”. And right now, Facebook doesn’t know how to make money from their own product while Google does.
    I don’t think anyone will jump ship from Facebook until Facebook become what MySpace was. People use Facebook out of necessity these days just as much as out of choice. But Google will fill the void when Facebook goes belly up, in my opinion! 

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