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In one random moment, I decided that I would take a little bit of time on the metro to write. Well, I didn’t think that I would get the views / time from people but the results are quite surprising, to be honest. I can’t believe that some of the posts have upwards of 50 views and that Google Analytics is putting people at 10-15 minutes on the site.

That sounds like boasting, so to the point of this quick thought. I realized that I needed to give ‘information’ and ‘valuable’ information to those who read this. I have followers on Twitter because I have a focus and idea that I constantly write about (Creatively – Executing – Ideas) and that style and simplicity needs to be brought to here as well.

I decided to do some research since this realm is of interest. In the process I found a nice and simple website that pointed out the ten things to make your blog great. Here is the list but I do recommend hitting up the site for a more in-depth look.

  • Stay on topic
  • Be informative
  • Old news is not news
  • Adhere to a schedule
  • Clarity and simplicity
  • Keyword-rich
  • Quantity matters
  • Frequency
  • Spell checking and proof-reading
  • RSS Feeds

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There is no solve all mathematical equation to get a blog to work and yet it is an interesting start to my research. I’ve been watching blogs like Planet5D / PhilipBloom / Etc for their insight and to see how they grew. I have slowly noticed that research and learning are things I enjoy understanding. And, that’s why you are reading this short, unedited little research analysis that I found.  The process is one that takes a lot of time and effort. You can see this by looking at some blogs about photography, business, entrepreneurship, and the list goes on and on. These sites moved up in ‘rank’ by keeping to a process that their readers wanted.

Finally, one process that I should keep to lays on the foundation that I should be advertising every part of my network. Take a moment and check out my Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and join with me in conversation. My next goal is to find out how to make a little extra money off of this idea and the rest of my entrepreneurial ideas.

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