offLabs, Inc

We are a team of research and development folks that take ideas, solve problems, and build products with lean methodologies and in an agile way!

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offLabs Project

  • Companies use bookmarks that can’t be passed, shared, and/or used on their own employee devices. We have found a simple solution that is enterprise ready for performance, security, and metrics.

  • Mobile enterprise ready acronym tool for businesses and government pre-populated with 40,000 acronyms from the government, health, science, and others.

  • A mobile and web-based application that pulls from Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, and many other networks while also selling t-shirts that are focused on marketing bands.

  • A simple mobile game that you “click” and play. We are using this data to judge attention based process on mobile applications in a simple format that is fun with a high-level gamification.

  • Home Owner Association (HOA) based application for renting between homeowners everything from a lawnmower to a chess board. Why buy a lawnmower when your neighbor has one?

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ahWriting, LLC

Personalization is being lost in the day-to-day world and our goal is to be a disruptive technology that focuses on changing this. ahWriting personalizes handwritten letters for the enterprise world with true ink to paper methods from our finest hand-writers. We built both the technology and the infrastructure that allows this to occur in mass.


A simple networking tool that pulls your existing data in, takes away your private information, and allows you to network for business, casual, or relationships randomly.