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Scrum Health Check

On a regular basis, we’ve been asked to do analysis work of existing scrum teams. Organizations especially care about the pre & post agile implementations data points.

I created a simple two form approach that allows scoring for teams internally to judge their scrum health. One major component to make though:

No one should use this as a way to judge a team’s performance but instead utilize it as a means for an improvement backlog.

Key Point

Now, with all that said, these two litmus surveys I’ve used for 7+ years across multiple industries and believe this should be public for others to use as a starting point. Here are two example images:

Quick Agile Litmus
Detailed Agile Litmus

These questions come from all over and much research. With that, there are some tools I’ve built to allow the inclusion of 30+ development teams and see organizational health. But, to get people started I have allowed these documents to be downloaded.

Now, if you like that, you should consider reading the article about how I recommend working with ScrumMasters and companies/organizations new to Agile Implementation (notice I didn’t use Agile Transformations). Read it here: Analyze, Prioritize, and Produce!

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