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Creating “That” Brand

Throughout my career, I have always had a focus on “amplifying” my brand and yet had difficulty in it because of all the things I enjoy: entrepreneurship, storytelling, agile, photography, project management, executive coaching, leading teams, development, and everything in between!

But, I have learned that this source of frustration is actually one of great pride as I’ve grown older. All of these things come together in a clear tag line that I have been living for years – “creatively . executing . ideas.” And, I am pretty proud of that.

In my research to figure out better ways to “create ‘that’ brand,” I’ve come across many articles and pointers that I wanted to share. The first article is from Forbes “3 Ways To Create An Addictive Personal Brand” –

Three Steps for a Personal Brand:

  • Perception | “This is what people think of (and feel about) you based on what you share publicly. A compelling moral code, an enchanting story and a collection of captivating anecdotes are what makes for the right perception.”
  • Positioning | “If perception is how people think of you as a person, positioning is more so how people think of you as an expert. You need one to get noticed (perception) and the other to get taken seriously (positioning).”
  • Promise | “Now you have to offer them a promise. This is the final piece of your tale of intrigue. As a master persuader, it is your job to present a superpower promise to your market. A transformation. A better after. A brighter future.”

Azhar points these three great points out that I have been reflecting on with my own brand. But, how do you use these three areas to be successful in the career you desire? Well, Forbes did it again and shared “This Is How Highly Successful People Achieve Career Goals”

How to Achieve Career Goals:

  • Visualize success
  • Dream big and write it down
  • Focus on the process, not the outcome

Because of these things, I realized there was a flow? The process of going to film school – learning to program – managing early scrum teams – leading agile implementations – and building high performing teams doesn’t seem to align with my original “visualized success” but that is where point three comes in of “focus on the process, not the outcome.” Because, as it stands now, I am exactly where I want to be!

My brand, my skill, and my ability to network have aligned to be highly helpful with the jobs that I take and the consulting opportunities I have. What are you doing to help strengthen your brand? What are you researching?

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