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I’ve Joined Dragos! Networking!

Well, it is time to get back into the startup realm and after leaving 14 West, I’ve now moved to a company called Dragos! I’ve joined Dragos! To say that I am excited is truly an understatement.

Dragos has a clear vision of “saving civilization” with the security they’ve built for industrial control systems & cycber security.

Dragos arms organizations with the most robust industrial cybersecurity technology, backed by the industry’s largest team of ICS practitioners who built it.

For two years, I’ve been following them because of a past coworker from Inovalon, Laura Buell! And reached out to connect with their HR right when she had joined. Then, Bill Seamen joined Dragos, another past coworker from 14 West. When he saw a role, he reached out immediately to me about the opportunity.

Why do I share this? Networking is crucial for getting your next job!!!

I use a few tools in the process of networking to help keep me in the loop with those I know. Here are a few tools that I utilize:

  • Capsule CRM – integrates with google, mailchimp, and other tools for ease of keeping systems up to date!
  • Mailchimp – used to do mass emails for example keeping recruiters up with where I am with my job search or other people I recommend hiring.
  • Google Sheets – used as my single source of truth for all contacts (integrates across my gmail accounts and business accounts).
  • ToDoIst – used to manage my tasks for connecting, networking, and keeping up with people + using Capsule CRM for last connected date.

I know many people may see this as overkill but I will also say that during these odd times we are living it, it helped me get opportunity after opportunity and choose the one that was right for me moving forward!

Back to Dragos? I am thrilled to be at a company that is ready to utilize the skills I bring to the table! You should start watching them – they are going to be going big places. And, I’ve joined Dragos!

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