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The Launch of Randomly Famous

Randomly Famous looks to curate art, interview, and talk about the business investment strategy of investing in artists! And, Randomly Famous launched! So, we want to match artists with those who love THEIR art.

As you know, we have built many versions of Randomly Famous (sold some IP in 2011; tried to sell domain in 2012 (but only received the deposit), and we are ready to go again!

The team is built up of myself and Mike Stenger! And, a lot of great guest writers who are helping us launch. We want your involvement as well so check out our social networks, website, and let us know some artists that you would recommend.

Because of these things, here are a few posts to get you started in learning about what we are doing and who we are in Randomly Famous:

Osamu Tezuka – Lion King Inspiration?

Did Disney take inspiration from the most famous Manga artist Osamu Tezuka for Lion King? Well, his art is outstanding!

The Phantom of the Opera

Ever multitask while watching The Phantom of the Opera?

Networking in Annapolis as an Artist

During this time in life, artists are ready to be found & invested in. And communities of artists are looking for connections.

So, now that we’ve shared a few posts and ideas of where we are going… Who would you recommend connecting with artistically to review? Or, invest our financial resources in?

We are always looking for recommendations for the launch of Randomly Famous and want to hear from YOU!

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