Quick: I have a simple theme in life that revolves around the idea of creatively – executing – ideas. My goal is to use these three things in every area of life. The truth is, I am a born entrepreneur and storyteller. I love hearing people’s life stories, applying them to my life, and allowing myself to execute each idea. I will have a thousand failed ideas and a few successful… Join me and let’s work together to pull the successes off.

Dreaming big is only as good as the execution behind it. Right now, I am applying that methodology. I am working as a IT Consultant while starting up my own businesses which you can read more about under Projects. So, I encourage you to keep reading!

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  • Interested in Product Development and Business Development
  • Understands Atlassian, Agility, Program & Portfolio Management, and consulting
  • Aims to be resourceful with his network and R&D
  • Download Nathaniel’s resume: http://bit.ly/nathaniel-elliott-03-20

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Bringing to fruition an atmosphere that prospers creativity may not be the easiest exercise in a person’s daily life, but it is an ambition for Nathaniel Elliott. His personal undertaking in life is to “creatively – execute – ideas” in everything he does.

Elliott began his work in business and consulting by starting a non-profit organization called “Living Hope” by driving a bus 70,000 miles around America; while raising over $150,000 within 70 days to build schools in Africa. He had the niche for finding problems and building solutions.

Through this, he learned the power of being resourceful and networking. This landed him jobs in the film industry with companies like MTV, PBS, Travel Channel, a few independents films and personal documentaries overseas. Elliott went to a consulting firm called Carney, Inc where he worked as a business analyst, then a solution architect, for the countries largest federal contracts.

After a few years at Carney, Elliott left to pursue his own personal world of entrepreneurship, consulting enterprise organizations around new technologies and product development. While gathering investors and starting a company which would later be sold. Now, he is learning about the healthcare industry by working at Inovalon and helping lead the agile transformation for them. His goal is still the same, to creatively – execute – ideas and build companies that are sustainable and agile. 

SAFe Program Consultant (SPC4); SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE); Certified Scrum Professional (CSP); Certified Scrum Master (CSM); Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO); SAFe Agilist (SA)

Nathaniel is a natural entrepreneur, with an unmatched talent for inspiring others. Nathaniel’s networking and presentation skills go hand and hand with his ability to manage a business team while driving out strategy.

Josh Hibschman

Nathaniel is multi-talented entrepreneur, cinematographer, writer, public speaker, fundraiser and visionary. Every title I just attributed to him is backed up by his own success.

Andrew Neel