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Throughout nine years of agile implementations at small companies and public companies, we have found a universal problem that many of us have “paid for” from agile consulting firms: agile playbooks!

In that, we are looking to find a solution for this from a community standpoint for all agilists:

  • Does one already exist that we believe fits the need?
  • If not, are you interested in participating in creating one?

Are you interested in helping diagnose this and applying many agile principles even to the process? If so, we would really like to connect and build a team of eight individuals! Please let us know if you believe this is something of interest by signing up below:

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Already, we have had some great questions concerning “what does this mean” and “what is different?” Here are a few questions thus far:

  • (Q) What about the Atlassian Playbook or Boston Consulting Group Playbook? (A) Some of these are extremely helpful but the vision is to have this not as just a playbook but also a toolbox for an organization to build from for their specific needs – agnostic of just software development.
  • (Q) How does this differ from the Agile Manifesto and the Principles (THE playbook)? (A) There are two major areas that we aim to include – 1. inclusion of all the practices and exercises that organizations have built over the years of agility; 2. inclusion of applications outside of just the SDLC process and applications in HR, manufacturing, and accounting (as examples).
  • (Q) Who will utilize this “playbook” when completed? (A) At this moment it would be utilized by agilists/coaches as a starting point for their clients.
  • (Q) What forms of communication will be utilized for building this solution out in the most productive way? (A) We have slack & zoom prepared and will be utilizing a wiki tool like what Wikipedia utilizes (at this moment) to centralize the development of this playbook.
  • (Q) What all will be part of this playbook/toolbox? (A) Everything from presentations to “how-to guides” and the vector artwork for your agile walls. Plus how to utilize things like SAFe, DaD, LeSS and/or Scrum, XP, and Kanban (just to name a few).

Please keep sharing questions and ideas to talk through the problem and solution. Our goal is to be agile around even the build-out of the solutions to solve the problem.

Sign up to help if you are willing/interested!